What I can help you with:

Massage and exercise together in combination with a good and balanced diet as well as sufficient sleeping habits are of course optimal. Below you will find some more information about the different services to choose from and / or to combine. Remember, it's not just my precious time you pay for, but also the time and energy (at college in Kim's case) that has accumulated the knowledge!

Personal Training

Why get a personal trainer?
A skilled coach keeps you not only motivated, but sets up an exercise program that is specified for you! The more I know about you, the better I can help you. Such as injuries, current and old, illnesses / conditions, balance, strength, muscle recruitment, stability e.t.c play a major role in creating your individual program.
By having a personal trainer you will not only work safer but also more efficiently, that is, you help yourself to get results as quickly as possible according to your requirements while getting support and someone who helps you with the motivation when the valleys arrive.
By lifting heavily, eating a lot and sleeping properly you can come very far, but if you do the exercises incorrectly, the risk that injures occur are significantly greater and the results might be considerably worse than with careful planning and not to mention the risk of motivational problems that may be included. Plan the work and work the plan!
Training is booked monthly, quarterly or annually to reduce the risk that there will be too long between my sessions. By having to spend the hours you purchase every month, it's easier not to postpone them. All forms of gym-based workout are either at Forma Training Center in Hässelby,  Concor Crossfit in Kungsholmen or in Team Fysiq's premises' at Tulegatan 43 in Stockholm. Note that you need to be a member to use PT at Forma. At Team Fysiq you can pay SEK 300 extra per opportunity or instead a monthly fee of SEK 1200.

This is part of personal training:

Consultation: Fill in the health declaration and the following review of said declaration and all the practical things you need to know before we get started.

E.g. mobility and choice of exercises. Everyone has different conditions, ie disease history, mobility, strength, etc. As a coach, I will be able to give you as good exercise selection as possible for your goals and according to your history.

A minimum of 4 hours per program where I have the opportunity to show you your program in practice so that you as a customer will get the most out of the program. We make sure that you understand why we do what we do, what the technique is supposed to look like and how you can progress on your own, if you feel it's the way you want to go in the future. Not only is the injury risk significantly reduced by this arrangement, but it will also be easier to achieve your goals.

Extras to be included (separate):
Evaluation by agreement, but usually after 8-12 weeks, we book an hour for evaluation of the exercise / diet and adjusts what is needed as no program is perfect.

Please note that program writing is included as long as you work with me. If you want your own printed program with instructions for exercising yourself, you will be charged an additional hour, regardless of whether the creation of the program takes more time.

Personally, I am very interested in weightlifting, also known as Olympic Lifting (snatch and the clean and jerk). I also really enjoy powerlifting (bench press, squat & deadlift). My training as a coach focused on performance, that is, physical fitness in your sport, whatever it may be. Please note that I am not an expert on technical aspects of various sports but will help you develop your physics for your sport. In the specific sport you should have an expert in your particular sport for coaching strategies, technique and so on. If you seek help specifically for any injuries, I recommend a physiotherapist as my knowledge in injury mechanics is limited to the most common sports injuries.
Besides this, I can of course help to not only feel better and improve health through weight loss / gain, increased strength and fitness, improved balance and stability, but also help the soul feel better thanks to all the phenomenal hormones that are created in conjunction with exercise.
I also believe that I have good knowledge about bodybuilding, although it does not belong to one of my areas of expertise.

How does it work in practise?
You book a consultation where you can fill in a health declaration or I will send it through the app so that you can fill it online prior to the consulation. We carefully review why you chose to come to me and what expectations you have on me, as well as all the data in the health declaration, so we can decide how many hours in addition to the starter package that should suit you best. There are also a couple of other forms to fill out such as buyer's agreement and rules and regulations for training with me.
We'll go through some of the equipment you might need at first, where we meet e.t.c. The purchase agreement also includes special terms for payment.
After this we book the first session that consits of the tests so that I, as your coach, will know as much as possible about you so that I can give you the best possible coaching.
After the first test session, I put together a program for you that we go through the next time we meet. There is always the opportunity for discussion and dialogue so ask / say what you think. Small changes may occur during the week, the more information I receive about you in the gym.
At regular intervals or when we come to the last session we do an evaluation of what we have done, has it worked? Why? Why not? What needs to change (always something) etc. We discuss whether you want to continue training with me and how often and if you want me to develop your program so you can train on your own in the future.


PT-online is a phenomenal way to have a trainer / coach but at a better price and still with high quality! You train when it suits you and does not need to adjust to the coach's schedule or gym and you do not even need to live near your coach to get the help you need!
For example, if you invest in the bigger & stronger package from SEK 798 every two weeks, you pay less per day than a cafe in town, but with significantly better results. For those who want to get the most out of their PT online experience, there is also the possibility of live video training via Zoom. (See more info below prices!)

What will it be like in practise?
You decide on 1 of 3 different packages. You start off by filling out the registration form and you will then be redirected to paypal to the correct payment option, where payment will be made every two weeks automatically during the period you subscribe.

At the beginning of the month, you will receive an invitation to the exercise app where all you need is available. We begin by filling out a health declaration that you sign and save. You will access that programs in the app. Video instructions as well as written instructions for each exercise are available in the app. You also fill out your exercises in the app so I can keep track of how it works for you. If you have chosen Fit For Life, you will get a test protocol with instructions that I want you to do via Zoom so that I can write a better program for you right from the start. Otherwise, you have more access to me for private coaching than the more basic packages.

It also includes dietary advice and maximum of coaching from me. Business solutions are offered on request.

As long as you have a running package, program changes are included from month to month, programs extending past your subscription period will a an additional fee of SEK 795.

Personal training in the gym in all its glory, but it is not everyone who has the time and finances required to make full use of this service, then PT-online can be something for you! See if you are a suitable online training client by clicking here.

Massage Therapy

Advantageously in conjunction with training for improved recovery both physically and mentally. Of course, it works very well also with stiff and sore muscles or mobility impairment. Everything from tactile (light) massage to really hard massage is offered according to your wishes. During treatment, you can choose between a hot oil with scent or massage cream. During treatment you lay on a soft heated pad where you can choose the temperature. Below are some links to studies on a small part of the effects that massage can have:

A Review of the Evidence for the Effectiveness, Safety, and Cost of Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and Spinal Manipulation for Back Pain


Massage Therapy is Associated with Enhancement of the Immune System's Cytotoxic Capacity


Lower Back Pain is Reduced and Range of Motion Increased After Massage Therapy


Corporate Massage
Massage as a healthcare to their employees is always appreciated and can reduce the risk of sick leave with all costs involved. References from previous companies are available (see the references tab) if it is of interest. You as an employer determine the terms and conditions for the subsidization of the treatments. Opportunity to get massage in your premises is available. Contact me for more information.

Dietary Counseling

In terms of diet, I have taken general nutrition, applied nutrition as well as nutrition targeting sports. Here I can review your intake and adjust it according to your goals, whether it "just" is about losing a few kilograms or you may want to overlook how to eat to perform better in your sport?
Once again, if you seek help with the diet due to a disease or other serious condition, I recommend that you contact a dietitian who is specialized on that particular area. The app used to make it as simple and accurate as possible is my fitness pal. www.myfitnesspal.com (more info on prices).

Caliper measurements

By measuring skin folds (the number of millimeters) you can estimate what you fat percentage is. Researchers have looked at thousands of carcasses and made formulas for how these measurements should be added, subtracted, divided and multiplied for the most accurate results. Usually, people use so-called bioimpedance. This means a scale (sometimes with handles that you hold) that sends very weak current through the body to distinguish the resistance in the different tissue types and thus estimate the body composition. These can serve as a guideline provided you use a high quality scale. Otherwise, they may tend to be unreasonable and show different values ​​from time to time (not being reliable)
By using good tools (harpenden caliper, see picture ->) and practice a lot to get accurate measurements and make use of the better formulas one can get very close to the truth without spending huge amounts of money on dexa scans, water weighing or bod pods.
What is most interesting, however, is whether these skin folds increase or decrease over time. That is, are you on the right track with your exercise and diet?

Take a look below prices to see what you can choose from more specifically!