Below are some examples of what customers who already tried the services had to say about their experiences. Please note that these references are translated into english and thus is not their own words exactly. Translation is as accurate as possible.

I really can recommend Kim as a coach. He is well educated, very knowledgeable and committed. Takes care of the entire person both mentally and physically. Provides a lot of information and answers questions. Creates an individual training program after seeing what you need. Very good masseur as well. You can book a massage after exercising if you wish.

Monica Sjöstedt


I have a problem with carpal tunnel syndrome and after the first massage, the irritation in my hands disappeared as long as I did not pull or strain them. It was not really a beauty massage, it was painful during the massage at times, but afterwards I got a nice and relaxed feeling. I slept really well the first night after the massage. Kim can help you fix painful areas and the pain vanished almost completely after the first massage, that's my experience.

Ålands Fiskförädling AB, Daniel Englund

After going to some masseurs without really feeling any major improvement regarding my muscle tension, I found Kim. He finds all sore points and uses enough force where needed, which is something I missed with previous masseurs. Then it feels reassuring when saying "that hurts" and he answers directly with the name of the muscle. In my eyes a very knowledgeable, nice and professional masseur.

Marcus Borenius

Kim Johansson is a competent masseur and PT. You always get a nice welcome at every opportunity you see him. He found my problem areas and could relieve them with the right kind of treatment.

Ålands Lyceum, Robin Lundin

Rekommendationsbrev från Ålands Fiskförädling AB.

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