Privacy Policy
About us
We at KJ Body Performance are pleased to have you visit our website and show interest in our company and our offers. We take the protection of your personal information seriously and want you to feel safe to visit our pages.
Below we will inform you about the personal data we treat about you when using our website, fill in health declarations and contact forms and how the information is used. If our site contains links to other people's websites, our privacy policy does not apply to the sites we link.
Please take the time to carefully read this information.

Data Controller
Personal Data Responsibility is the person responsible for processing and determining the purpose and means of processing personal data. In this case, the person responsible is:
KJ Body Performance
Kim Johansson
Värtavägen 57
115 38 Stockholm
If you, in accordance with applicable data protection laws, want to oppose KJ Body Performance, process or use your personal information, you can send an objection by email to the address listed above. This may result in the services offered may not be used.
If you oppose the treatment, it may be for technical reasons that continued use of the website is not possible.

Your rights
You are entitled to obtain clear information from KJ Body Performance for free about the personal information we store about you.
In addition, you have the following rights:
Right of access - The right to know what personal data has been collected and how these data are processed.
Right to rectification - Right to request correcting of personal data.
Right to delete - The right to request the removal of personal data.
Right to limitation - Right to request limitation of personal data processing.
Right to data portability - Right to share your personal information in a machine-readable format.
Right to object - Right to revoke prior consent or objection to certain treatment.
Right to complain to the regulatory authority - The right means that complaints regarding KJ Body Performances processing of personal data may be provided either to the responsible body of authority of the KJ Body Performance listed below or to any other EU regulatory authority.
You may also lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority where you have your residence or at your place of work.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on the above contact details if you want to exercise the rights you have registered.

When, why and how do we collect your personal information
We need to collect, process, store and sometimes even share (with your consent) different personal information in order to offer you our services and to provide services. Below you can see which of your personal information we need for what purposes and under what circumstances we share your personal information with others.
A personal data is any information that enables us to identify you directly or indirectly as a person, for example. first name and last name, address, phone number, date of birth, location data or e-mail address.
Please give us only such information as we really need.
Because we want to give you a good overview of the details of our treatment, we use table forms. We believe that this will enable us to provide you with the information in an open, understandable and accessible manner with a clear and simple language.
Below are the personal information we collect about you. Because there are different types of data, we have divided them into categories as we think it makes it easier to understand the information.
Personal data we collect before you can take advantage of our services such as massage, personal training and, in part, dietary advice. We do not collect any personal information about you on our website, but if you choose to become a customer and pay by paypal on the website, contact information will be stored in paypal as long as the payment is due. The online training contact form also saves your contact information so that we can come back with suggestions for services. Only customer information is stored when employees are missing.

Categories of personal data and explanation
Contact information: Taken for several reasons. E.g. in order to contact you as a client on occasions where we need to cancel, rebook or book new time, to remind you of booked times, send invoices and follow up after treatments. These are also needed to enable you as a personal training client to have your own account in the PT Distinction training app. PT Distinction meets all requirements for GDPR.
Sensitive personal information: Health information is taken because both massage therapy and personal training affect your current health. To be able to modify treatment and services for each individual, pathology needs to be taken into consideration, otherwise the service, with much greater probability than without knowledge, can lead to further adverse effects on your health.
This information is collected in order for you as a client to get the best and safest treatment or service that is only possible. We limit the processing to what is absolutely necessary to comply with the principle of personal data processing, called data minimization.
If you provide us with personal data relating to other persons, you must have previously obtained the consent of the persons. In such cases, you must inform these persons about how we treat personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.

What are our expressly stated purposes and legal bases?
As we have already informed you above, we will only collect your personal information when necessary and legally for predefined explicit purposes. The legal basis on which we base your respective treatment is stated in (parenthesis) below. We would like to provide further information about our purposes and legal bases below:
Purpose - Why we process personal data for this purpose
Customer Service: When contacting our customer service for information or for making complaints, we will store the information you provide. The reason you contact us can, for example, be that you were not satisfied with a particular service or that you felt that something was missing after the service performed.
What personal data is processed varies depending on the reason for which you contact us. Because we want to improve the service we provide, we store the communication in personal email folders for easy access on repeated communications.
Categories of Personal Information:
Contact details
Other information
Legal basis:
This information is required to fulfill our delivery obligations and deliver the agreed service to you so that you as a customer are satisfied.
Furthermore, it is in our business interest to give you the best experience of our services as possible. (legitimate interest).

Further treatment based on our legitimate interest.
In addition to the purposes and legal bases described above, we also treat your personal information with the help of our so-called " legitimate interests. Generally, treatment may be based on legitimate interest, e.g. be processing of personal data within a group, network and information security processing or for direct marketing. We will only process your personal data based on the legal basis of legitimate interest if we can reasonably assume and also ensure that we can protect your information. These treatments include:

Treatment based on legitimate interest and explanation
Advertising: We will send you an email to offer you coupons, discounts and promotions, conduct polls and surveys to improve our service. You may object to further processing of data for advertising purposes in connection with each email. You can of course also contact our Data Protection Officer directly at if you wish to object to the processing of your information for advertising purposes or if you would like further information about this.
Email Marketing: We want to avoid general newsletters and uncontrolled marketing efforts. Therefore, we choose deals that suit your interests and contact you if we think the information may be of interest to you. You may object to further processing of data for marketing, associated with each email. You can of course also contact our Data Protection Officer directly at if you wish to object to the processing of your data for marketing purposes or if you would like further information about this.
Other information: If you voluntarily choose to share information with us that goes beyond the required information, we are of course happy. In this way, we can continue to improve our service.

How do we store your personal information?
Categories of personal data and explanation
Contact information: Automatically saved by mail contact and / or telephone contact for the possibility of further communication until this is considered insignificant information (about 2 years). Health declarations filled in in paper format you as a client can keep. That way, you know what information we have and you do not feel worried that your health certificate will be lost.
Sensitive Personal Information: A digital copy of your health certificate is stored in an encrypted space encrypted with truecrypt. Health declarations filled in in paper format you as a client can keep. That way, you know what information we have and you do not feel worried that your health certificate will be lost.

When do we delete your personal information?
We generally delete your information when the purpose of the treatment is met.
We will remove your personal information if you wish and inform us and otherwise two years after we collect your information. If your account at PT Distinction (Personal Training and Marketing) is inactive for two years, we will also remove your account. Before this happens, you will receive a separate message from us to the email address registered to your user account. If you become a customer again, a new health certificate and contact information will be taken when an old can no longer be applied. The same rules apply to all health declarations.
In addition to our own thinning routines, there are also legal obligations for us to save certain tasks for certain periods of time. For example, tax information must be saved for a period of seven years or in some cases longer. Legal requirements for specific storage periods vary depending on the country in question.
Therefore, despite your request to delete your data, we may still store certain information due to legal obligations to save them. In these cases, however, we will limit the data from further processing in addition to the storage that has to be done.

With whom do we share your personal information?
In the following section we would like to inform you about which and under what conditions we transfer your personal information. In addition, we also want transparency regarding the countries to which we transfer personal data.
Third Party Accessing Your Personal Information
We never give your information to unauthorized third parties. As part of our work, we sometimes need consultation with a physician or physiotherapist who performs services for us, and we provide them with limited and strictly supervised access to some of the information we have. This is assumed that you as a client give us your approval. All recipients of data must meet the requirements of data protection legislation and be able to demonstrate that their security and data protection are sufficient.
Below we would like to inform you in an open and understandable way about our recipients of personal data and the reasons for sharing the information with them:

Recipients and reasons
Physicians, coaches and physiotherapists: In some cases, we may need to consult with a physician, physiotherapist or other trainer in order to provide the best and safest result for you as a client.
Authorities and legal proceedings: Unfortunately, some of our customers and service providers may be unfair and want to cause harm. In these cases, we are not only obliged to hand over personal data due to legal obligations, it is of course also in our interest to prevent damage, enforce our claims and defend ourselves against legal claims.

We reserve the right to change this information on personal data processing in accordance with applicable law. We will of course inform you of significant changes, such as if the purpose of the treatment is changed or if there are new purposes for the processing of personal data.