about kim

My name is Kim Johansson, I'm from vintage -85 and have a bachelor's degree of science from Halmstad college in Biomedicine with a focus on physical exercise. Strength and fitness training have always been a major part of my life from period to period, but in 2010 I realized that it was something that I wanted to add to my life on a much larger scale. I was looking for the best college education I could find in training and at the same time I also realised I could get licensed a personal trainer and trainer from ELEIKO in Halmstad. In addition to this, I am a massage therapist and a certified masseur from the Swedish Massage Counsil. As for my own training, Olympic lifting, also called weightlifting, is my biggest interest. I am currently thinking of starting to compete in the sport in the future but do not know how it will eventually turn out. Other hobbies I have include magic, cooking and computer games. My philosophy regarding diets is "all in moderation", as you will notice if you hire me in the future. I base my training programs and dietary advice on as fresh and qualitative research that I come across and if there is something that I do not know, I try to find that out. My goal with this company is to make people feel better, perform better and get a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable in the long run.

Contents of Biomedicine, focusing on physical training - 180hp:
Courses worth 7.5hp:
Human and health - a subject introduction
The anatomy of the movement apparatus I
The anatomy of the movement apparatus II
Damage and diseases of the operating device
General Nutrition
Applied nutrition
Sports Nutrition
Human Physiology
Sports Physiology
Exercise learning I
Exercise learning II
Rehabilitation technique focusing on physical exercise
Sport with disabilities
Biomechanics in training
Science Theory and Method
Physiological and biomechanical measurement methods
Educational leadership and coaching
Ergonomics - basic course
Gym, sports, trainer training
Entrepreneurship for the health industry
Courses worth 15hp:
Psychology with focus on sports
Degree Project in Biomedicine Focus on Physical training
Total ................................................. ..... 180 hp

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