Staff wellness MS Cinderella

For those who want the programming and support in an simple, effective and affordable way.

From SEK 395 / every 2 weeks Incl 6% VAT

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Personal training
For people who needs hands on help in the weight room.

From SEK 695 / hour 
Incl 6% VAT

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Massage therapy
Choose from 3 different treatment lengths. Choose from light to very hard massage.

From SEK 495 Incl 25% VAT

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Former and current clients give their opinion:
"I really can recommend Kim as a coach. He is well educated, very knowledgeable and committed. Takes care of the entire person both mentally and physically. Provides a lot of information and answers questions. Creates an individual training program after seeing what you need. Very good masseur as well. You can book a massage after exercising if you wish."
- Monica Sjöstedt

"I can really recommend Kim as a coach. He is professional, committed and puts a lot of energy into your training. Had it not been for him, I certainly would not lift a weight today. He is well educated and very knowledgeable about the body's anatomy. I have had big problems with my shoulders so that getting out of bed hurt very badly. Now half a year later I hardly feel anything because of his program. He creates a program just for you after reviewing the  consultation form and tests and follows up daily in different ways as needed. Very good masseur too, there is the possibility to book single treatments or in packages. "
- Rikard Heinerö

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