I have just changed direction completely in my coaching as the biggest obstacle of my life has been my own anxiety. Therefore, I now want to try to help others in the same situation to improve their quality of life with reduced anxiety and better health. Thus, I am looking for 5 people to test my 12-week program. As a thank you for your participation and feedback, I give a 60% discount on my regular prices. 5 spots only.

Are you sick & tired of constantly worrying about the next panic attack? You want to do so many things deep down, but your fear of the next attack and the shame you feel puts an end to it? Social events, the job that requires too much, driving a car, using public transport and even hanging out with friends, might be a trigger for you?

Panic disorder can be rooted in an endless amount of things and I am neither a trained psychologist nor a doctor so medication or sheer therapy is not what I am talking about but checking the aspects you actually can control.
They include but are not limited to:
Physical health (exercise, diet, sleep, stress)
Habits (change habits over time)
Mindset (Understand what is happening and be your own therapist to some extent and accept the situation)

Panic is psychosomatic, i.e. Your thoughts affect your body which in turn affects your thoughts. An endless vicious circle that never ends. Breaking the circle is difficult, takes time and requires you to act.

With my 12-week program "PanicPrio", we build the foundation for reduced anxiety and an everyday life you look forward to living instead of the constant anxiety over the next attack. It means physical exercise on your terms, improved diet, sleep quality and habits and last but not least, no strange supplements or herbs without any scientific evidence, but instead we create an understanding of what is happening and how we can improve the symptoms in terms of behavior.

This is not a "quick fix" but a first step for you who want to bring about a change and not live in constant fear and shame (even if it is not something to be ashamed of and a huge number of people suffer in silence). I also recommend that you talk to your doctor about any help regarding any form of medication (which helped me), CBT or what just suits you.
My job will be about seeing where you are in your life now and where you want to go and then put together a plan that we change together when needed to achieve our common set goal. If you want to read more about what my hell trip has looked like so far, you can do it a little further down the page.
Are you ready to grab the bull by the horns right away? Click the "take the first step here" button. It takes you to my application. Since I understand that some are unable to talk on the phone, there is no requirement on my part. I have different support systems for each individual. The application is only there to make sure you are a suitable client that I can help.

How does remote coaching work?

Remote coaching is unbeatable! Everything is tailored without having to follow someone else's schedule or place and you can get help throughout the week without any requirements to meet people, be in the gym or even talk on the phone. In addition, everything is available in your phone, tablet or computer! You can see exactly what is included by clicking the Take the first step here" button.
You get everything you need to get started in your email, including links to the app (online platform).
You have clear text and video instructions available directly in the app in your training programs. Also video how to use the app is available in your account.
Exercise, diet habits & evaluation etc. take place in the online platform in your phone / tablet / computer. For some clients we also use the app "My Fitness Pal".
In the chat in the app you can support, pep and discuss with each other, IF YOU WANT! You are also involved and start up my facebook group, even after the end of the package.
Everything I want you to do (habits, exercise, dietary advice, etc.) is structured in chronological order in your schedule in the app.
The coaching takes place through e-mail, the chat function in the app as well as via zoom. Depending on your wishes.

About Kim

Hello! My name is Kim Johansson and I am a year -85. I was like any teenager. When I started strength training, I weighed about 55kg and hated that I was so thin. Self-confidence was nowhere to be seen. I never liked being in the center of attention and really disliked all kinds of presentations or situations where I was in the center. I found magic as a 19-year-old and over time I got used to being in the center when I did magic, where I had self-confidence. I tried some educations but only in 2009 did I find something of interest. Massage therapist at a Swedish school in the Canary Islands.
After a few days there, I fell ill with something that much later turned out to be ulcerative colitis. An autoimmune intestinal disease that resulted in weight loss, stomach pain and a doctors who claimed that alcohol was the cause and my insurance company withdrew my insurance. 6 months later I got help when I was home again and the following year I started studying at Halmstad University in biomedicine with a focus on physical exercise. One year into my education, I had my second (and so far last) major relapse. This resulted in hospitalization, hormones all over the placce and side effects of medications.

Self-confidence deteriorated again and after my first panic attack during a presentation I was close to giving up the education as there were so many oral parts left. An understanding teaching staff tailored the rest of my education so I could complete it and slowly but surely I rebuilt my body which reduced my anxiety.

After a period when my medication ran out (one should not stop abruptly) and it took a long time before they managed to prescribe more, my symptoms worsened extremely. I could not take a walk without panic. Some days were worse, others better. During the better days, I took the opportunity to challenge myself in small steps. I was looking for situations that usually create anxiety as I could more easily handle them, accept them and understand that they have no effect on my life more than in my head.

I am not completely panic-free today, but so much so that I can live normally 99% of the time and I continue to work to be completely free again, as before 2010 and now I really want to help you with what I can to make it easier. My own training mainly involves Olympic lifting, also called weightlifting together with powerlifting. Incredibly fun and effective to become big & strong but above all keep my self-confidence! But as for everyone else, I have periods where I can not train as I intended e.g. so the right mental attitude is super important to continue to develop and not fall back into unhealthy behavior patterns at the same time as we need to adapt the training around life and not the other way around!

In 2020, I took the opportunity to certify myself as an online trainer from the Online Trainer Academy (OTA) and I am now studying Precision Nutrition level 1 (PN1). Constantly developing as a coach is something I am passionate about, you never become the perfect coach! Thanks to OTA and PN1, I can take my knowledge and not only develop it, but also realize how I convey it to my clients in the best way online. Hope to see you inside!
Coach Kim

Your trainer & coach
- Kim Johansson

Testimonials of previous clients before my switch to work with panic attacks.

"I can really recommend Kim as a coach. He is well educated, very knowledgeable and committed. Takes care of the whole person both mentally and physically. Gives a lot of information and answers questions. Creates an individual training program after seeing what you need."
Monica Sjöstedt
"Can really recommend Kim as a coach. He is professional, and committed. Had it not been for him, I certainly would not have lifted a weight today. He is well educated and very knowledgeable about the anatomy of the body. I have had big problems with my shoulders that dislocated frequently and hurt a lot, now six months later the pain is almost completely gone thanks to his program."
Rikard Heinerö
"After testing online coaching with Kim for a few months, I can warmly recommend this. He listened to what I wanted to achieve and came up with a program that fit my conditions perfectly. The chat function worked perfectly and I got both answers to any questions and support regularly! "
Mathias Lindqvist
"To prepare for the competition, I hired Kim for training, training planning and tapering before the competition. I not only reached my goals in the competition, but lifted more than the goals I set. That I then also set 4 Swedish records in the competition (squat, bench press, deadlift and total) for my age and weight class, is not a shame either. I can really recommend Kim for those who want to get results in their training."
Michael Varhenmaa
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