"It takes so much work so it's no idea to even try." "You have to devote all the time to it for it to give results." "I have too much to do and no time left for training". "I can not be bothered to cook, work out, wash and clean after work". These are some of the thoughts most of us have had regarding their training at one or more times in our lives, but it could not be further from the truth.
The vast majority of people are very skilled at finding excuses for not having to do what they experience hard, boring or even forced. You get a mental picture of how terrible, difficult and unattainable the goal is. I've also been there, "Oh, I've missed a whole week's worth of workouts because of my cold, now it's pointless to keep going" was one of the thoughts, absurd of course.
The truth is that the most important piece of the puzzle for sustainable development in regard to training is continuity. Exercise often enough with enough resistance for the body to continue adapting to stimuli. This amount is significantly less than what most seem to believe. You do not need to train 5-7 times a week, only eat chicken and rice and never drink alcohol to get the results you always wanted.
Of course, more professional athletes are trying to excell in their sports and compete at a high level, but the vast majority of us are not close to this. It is easy to get an erroneous picture of what is needed to achieve satisfactory results, both from the media but also just extreme personalities.
You can treat yourself to what you like, whether it's pizza, baking, chips, sweets or alcohol but in sensible amounts. I myself eat candy several times a week and reach my set goals with strength, mobility, explosiveness, technique e.t.c in weight lifting while keeping my weight class. The example picture of me is from 6 months of training, four times a week of basic exercises after several months of relapse in ulcerative colitis.
A healthy attitude to diet and exercise is very important both for health, but also for motivation and balancing these in life is of outmost importance. Lastly, it is about mental strength for the vast majority of people to get away to workout and not about time or physical energy, even if there are exceptions.
Frankly, you probably have 2-10 hours a week for any form of exercise, whether it's weight training, fitness training, a specific sport or all of the above. Do what you think is fun, as you feel good both physically and mentally.
Although strength training is the foundation of virtually all sports, there is no need to if you really hate it. However, if you want to improve your performance, you sometimes need to do things that may not be as fun as you would like it to be. Then be sure to have the right attitude and mix tediously with fun during your training to have fun too. "All training goes into the account, even bad days" like Kenneth "Kenta" Sandvik told me during an entirely demotivating training session. Another good tip is to plan in advance. What are you going to do in the gym, how much and how heavy? Pre make food containers and freeze down to warm up after work or workouts. Knowing that you do not have to do lots of other stuff before or after training can do wonders for the motivation and so will save you time too!
Do not dwell over the results you did not get for the work you never performed. It has never been easier than now to get in good shape without getting completely worn out as there is so much help available at the gym or online. Work hard but also smart, your future self will thank you for all the positive effects!